Summit VIII – The Game is On!

Summit VIII – The Game is On!

Welcome to Vilnius, and welcome to the 8th edition of the Summit – the game is on! We're humbled to host 312 attendees from 49 countries, representing over 200 studios and law firm offices. What an amazing community! Here's last-minute changes, and a few details to keep in mind –>

Changes in the agenda

Due to an emergency, Discovery: India is re-scheduled to 2024.

Discovery: Israel & Portugal now moves into its place, September 8 15:00-15:30 (formerly scheduled a bit later on the same day) and Improving Diversity & Inclusion expands by 30 minutes, starting half an hour earlier than scheduled.

The Morning Run

Congratulations to all the runners who made the riverside track this morning!

Badge icons

If you spot someone with a birdhouse, that's a Super Pass holder who helped us with the Forestry Program (photos from the 2023 deployment here).

ACE designates someone who attended at least 7 Summits (out of a total of 8 so far). They're probably drinking still water somewhere in a quiet corner, and can teach you a trick or two about termination due to allegations.

Finally, folks who attend the Summit for the first time have orange lanyards. If you've seen things (e.g. attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion), please help them orient themselves!

Summit's Social Game – update

Felix and Jennifer dealing stickers at the Reception

Apparently, this community is pretty good at learning how to minmax: while in 2022 we saw attendees exchange stickers mostly on the first day of the sessions, this year it as a frenzy of activity right after the registration. And people generally know each other better. And the prize pool is more impressive. If this would have been a live ops game, this is the point when we'd issue an update that "improves experience and changes a few things* (*loot probability down)".

First of all, we think that all the 50 prizes will be claimed before lunch today. The rule is "first come, first served". And if we run out of Regular Prizes but still have some Foil Prizes, you can always give it a go by continuing to play in order to complete the left section in foil.

Secondly, we've spotted a few completed Foil Albums last night, which we expect to show up when the prize table opens. The updated rule is as follows: the completed Foil Albums for the drawing of the 2 Grand Prizes are accepted until lunch. You get your Foil Prize upon submission + you write your name on the album, which goes into the drawing pool. After lunch, Yiannis and Andreas Karamanolis will draw the 2 albums from the pool on stage, and hand over the Gtrand Prizes. Rules effective as of the date of publication, void where illegal, drink responsibly.

VGLC in Tokyo

A reminder that the wondeful Namco Bandai team is in full force at the Summit, and is very happy to tell you all there is to tell about the upcoming VGLC event in Tokyo in November.

You can also talk to Nick Hall about Games Week Africa – he's around!

Wolf enamel pins

If you didn't get a chance to get a pin, these will remain available from the Camper in the Museum venue throughout the event.

The Reception

Thanks to everyone for being such a nice crowd of people!

Pictures with friends

A professional photographer, Simas Bernotas, is at the event at all times. Do feel free to ask for a picture with your friends or colleagues, if you want – Simas will be happy to get one for you!

Here's Taylor Wessing and the ECIJA family, for example (Germany, Spain, the adopted office in Korea, Poland, Austria, Portugal, UK and Portugal again):

The dog

Lastly: throughout the event, you may come across a dog handing around (she's a regular). Daisy is happy to be petted, but please don't feed her – despite the looks she's been giving at the dinner, she's not hungry and her personal trainer will be disappointed if she gains weight.

That's all for today, and we look forward to the whole day of sessions, and the Icelandic dinner, today – see you around!


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