🇨🇾 On Tour II – Running Club

All the details that you need to know, about the Morning Runs at Summit On Tour II in April 2024 in Limassol.

🇨🇾 On Tour II – Running Club

One trend that I particularly love about our events is that at each Summit, there's more and more attendees who join the Morning Runs – which is a good way to get ready for the conference, and make new friends along the way.

Strong showing

At the finish line – the Morning Run at Games Industry Law Summit 2023.

In the previous years, we organised the runners with an email thread that kept expanding as new counsels joined in. In 2024, for the first time, we added a question about the Morning Run directly to the application form.

I'm happy to report that as of today, 45 counsels have expressed the commitment to join the Running Club at On Tour II in Limassol, and that we're going to produce another limited edition of the technical running shirts for this event (🥳which you can order even if you don't attend or plan to run, see below).

A run along the sea

Now, Limassol and running are like lawyers and games industry: pretty cool on their own – and even better together.

Here's the plan for On Tour II:

April 18
Dawn: 05:47 | Sunrise: 06:13
We meet at: 07:00
Route: a nice 5km along the sea

April 19
Dawn: 05:45 | Sunrise: 06:12
We meet at: 07:30
Route: another 5km OR a faster 10km, pending voting on April 18

Leader of the run: 🇨🇾 Evelina Georgiades (Chrysostomides).

Meeting point

On both days, we meet at the sign that says OLD PORT (see the photo above), which is right next to the wooden pier, and we start running along the promenade until it's halfway of the route – at which point we turn back.

If you see the beginning of the wooden pier (on Google, "Molos") – you will see the OLD PORT sign on your right side. And if in doubt, just message Evelina.

Technical running shirts

Summit On Tour II technicals, édition limitée, are now available for pre-order.

As with all the previous editions, we work with Haltex on manufacturing the technical running shirts for the occasion. Because they are made to order, take 6 weeks to produce, and we sell at cost without any margin, these are available only when purchased in advance. We do not keep any stock.

On the front: the key art from the event
On the sleeves: the flag of the Republic of Cyprus, and the event's logo
On the back: "Το τρέξιμο είναι Παιχνίδι” (“Running is a Game" in Greek) and the brands of the events Tier A and Tier A sponsors.

Price: €36 (including VAT; shipping cost depends on the region).

To order your shirt, please go HERE.

If you order before March 1, 2024: choose "pickup at event" to get it at the conference on April 17, no shipping cost; or enter your shipping address, and we will ship the shirts in early April, once they are manufactured.

If you order between March 1, 2024 and April 23, 2024: enter your shipping address, and we will ship the shirts in early June. We close the orders on April 23.

Action points

Hotel NYX, where many of the attendees will stay for the event.
  • if you indicated that you would like join the Running Club in your application, you will receive an email at the end of March, confirming the times and the location of the runs.
  • if you didn't feel like running, but would like to join – please email Alma or Sergei, and we'll add you to the distribution list.
  • all the official hotels except Amathus are within a few minutes from both the route and the conference, it will take you 3-5 minutes to get to the meeting point and on the way back you can peel off to go to NYX or Old Port or Heart a few minutes before the finish line
  • on April 18, we start the run 07:00, the breakfast at the venue is served from 08:00, and the conference starts 09:00. plenty of time for the run!
  • on April 19, we start 07:30, the breakfast is served from 08:30, and the panels begin 09:30. again, plenty of time built in to change/have a coffee.
  • if you want to order a technical running shirt for pickup at the conference, please do this before March 1.
  • if you want to have the shirt shipped to you, you can order before March 1 to have it ship in April and before April 23 to have it ship in June.

I hope that our little Shopify store doesn't crash, and we look forward to seeing you all at the event – and at the marina!


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Jamie Larson