EVENTS: On Tour 2023 – Speaker Awards & Photos

Facts about Summit on Tour 2023 in Warsaw, list of winners of the Speaker Awards, some special moments – and a link to the official photo gallery from the event.

EVENTS: On Tour 2023 – Speaker Awards & Photos

The first Summit on Tour is over, and now we have plenty of photos to prove it! This issue of the newsletter wraps the event. Following this, we'll return to the long-form features. On our radar: games industry's legal landscape in Africa, India and China, the dark art of auditing games companies, and how to make friends by using litigation as a business tool (if you have ideas about other topics to explore and experts to engage, do let us know).

Facts & Figures

Full house – standing room only! – at "Getting listed, running listed"

Summit on Tour 2023 in Warsaw:

  • 235 attendees from 31 countries
  • 40% in-house, 60% law firm
  • 14.5 hours of professional content
  • 15 presentations with 45 speakers

Thanks for coming, and thanks for being such a nice group of people!

The Program

Sumit on Tour 2023 in Warsaw

We've covered the program in two separate posts on LinkedIn, listing there each of the 45 presenters. Use these posts to connect with your favourite speakers:

Summit on Tour in Warsaw: Day 1
The first day of the conference is now over: 8 panels, 21 speakers, delivering a bit over 7 hours of content (and then, a dinner to talk this over). We’ve been truly lucky with the weather, which we credit to the respect that we’ve paid to the Mermaid of Warsaw: when she’s on all the attendee bags,
Summit on Tour in Warsaw: Day 2
The second day of the conference is now over, with 32 speakers on 7 panels – delivering another 7 hours of content (not to mention the secrets delivered in confidence over the drinks afterwards). Similar to any professional event, the Summit combines both the networking and the learning experiences.

Speaker Directory

For those who couldn't attend the event (or left their books at the bar), the Speaker Directory is now available online as a .PDF – here (Google Drive, 12Mb).

Speaker Awards

Right after the conference, we emailed each attendee with a link to a form that asked to rate the presentations and the presenters in these categories:

  • Great Professional Value (presentations)
  • Presenter of the Event – Law Firm
  • Presenter of the Event – In-house
  • Best Presenter Debut

Here's the results of the audience vote –

Professional Value

Three panels received the highest ratings (listed alphabetically):


🇺🇸 Sean Kane (Frankfurt Kurnit)
🇬🇧 Sarah MacDonald (Wiggin)


🇩🇪 Konni Ewald (Osborne Clarke)
🇩🇪 Leonie Schneider (Osborne Clarke)


🇨🇦 Ryan Black (DLA Piper)
🇺🇸 Sean Kane (Frankfurt Kurnit)
🇬🇧 Peter Lewin (Wiggin)
🇯🇵 Arata Nomoto (City-Yuwa Partners)
🇫🇷 Alexandre Rudoni (Allen & Overy)
🇩🇪 Tobias Schelinski (Taylor Wessing)

Peter Lewin (Wiggin) at Summit on Tour 2023
Arata Nomoto (City-Yuwa Partners) at Summit on Tour 2023
Alexandre Rudoni (Allen & Overy France) at Summit on Tour 2023

Presenter of the Event (Law Firm)

Five law firm presenters received the highest ratings (listed alphabetically):

🇨🇦 Ryan Black (DLA Piper)
🇩🇪 Konni Ewald (Osborne Clarke)
🇬🇧 Paul Gardner (Wiggin)
🇺🇸 Sean Kane (Frankfurt Kurnit)
🇺🇸 Marc Mayer (MSK)

Holding the microphone: Ryan Black (DLA Piper)
In the Summit hoodie, Édition Limitée 2022: Konni Ewald (Osborne Clarke)
Demonstrating the magic touch of a games industry lawyer: Paul Gardner (Wiggin)
Working, working, working: Sean Kane (Frankfurt Kurnit).
Enjoying life: Marc Mayer (MSK)

Presenter of the Event (in-house)

The in-house presenter who received the highest rating:

🇵🇱 Ewelina Jarosz-Zgoda (CD Projekt RED)

Best Presenter Debut

The first-time presenter who received the highest rating:

🇩🇪 Leonie Schneider (Osborne Clarke)

Congratulations to all these presenters – and to every other speaker who delivered such a fantastic program!

As always, the Summit was full of special moments caught on camera thanks to our long-time friend and official photographer Simas Bernotas:

Deals negotiated in the backroom.

Paul G. and Alexandre R. (Psst...)

Friendly conversations by the bar.

– あなたと同じように、私も明るくてカラフルな服を着るのが好きです。

Debates on whether Kölsch can be truly called 'a beer' (seriously?!).

Meetings with new people...

...and catching up with old friends.

We had dogs presenting –

And dogs attending –

We also had the world-famous Pigeon Lawyer trying to sneak in, without a badge, to the Litigation & Enforcement panel, while everyone was busy checking their emails...

For all of this, and more:

Head to the Photo Gallery – now available!

We look forward to seeing some of you in Vilnius in September 2023 at Games Industry Law Summit VIII, and in Limassol in April 2024 at Summit on Tour II. And if you can make it to Japan between these two events, then Matthew Datum would love to see you at VGLC Tokyo in November.

Until later, and with hugs from Vilnius,

Sergei, Katya, Alma, Mindaugas & team Charlie Oscar

Katya, Alma & Mindaugas in Warsaw (guess who got left out in Vilnius...)

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